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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day Two of 'Project Getting Back to Normal' - but what is normal?

'Normal' indeed! This last bipolar 'vacancy' lasted for so long that I've forgotten what normal is. So what do I mean by normal? Recovery entails accomplishing things over a period of time; doing a little more each day. 'Getting back to normal' refers more to pulling together the elements of your life that you've managed to regain & knitting them into a day or a week; forming a routine, if you will.

This week, to matters domestica, I'm adding a more formal attitude to 'work' into the mix. Up until now, I've just been doing things as & when I feel able. The time has come for a push though, so using the well known 20 minute technique and by staying SMART, yesterday I managed to lay out a necklace, started work on getting my wire-wrapping eye in tune again & sorted out my journal jungle! I failed on the daily drawing challenge though, but I'm not going to be hard on myself. If I can fit things in on a two/three day rota, I shall be happy. With the confidence these activites generated, I even managed to tackle my overdue pension correspondence which was a bonus. To do things I don't want to do, I have to back myself into a stall as if I were an unwilling horse. I don't look the thing in the face; I just gently lever myself into a position in which I can do the thing required.

Again, the twenty minute technique is invaluable. Set a kitchen timer for 20 minutes and stop work as soon as the alarm sounds - this breaks a task up into small managable bites and your task becomes SMART by which I mean:

S Specific
M Measurable
A Achievable
R Realistic
T Time Bound

I must confess that I'm a tad frightened though & feeling a little overwhelmed. Can I make this breakthrough & get 'back to normal'? I found a comforting response to this when reading the wonderful Judy Wilkenfeld's Red Velvet blog in which she wrote, 'Challenging one-self can be gratifying but scary at the same time too.' Moving out of one's comfort zone is not an easy experience, but with luck the benefits will outweigh the fear, nerves & trepidation. Sometimes feeling frightened is a good thing!

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