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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Do you want to play the stream of consciousness game?

Romany Bracelet

This is a new idea - quite possibly a silly idea ( I rely on you to tell me), but I've started to compile a blog called pursuing the art of curiousity which is devoted to the images that inspire me.

If I'm stuck for an idea or I want visual stimulation, I have a big & beautiful Battle Book* at hand. If you want a book to keep a door open on hot, sultry days, then this stunner is the babe for you. I discovered 'The art of looking sideways' late last year. It was put together by the designer Alan Fletcher and though it is a mighty heavy tomb, I try to take it & my ubiquitous sketch book everywhere with me. When it's not travelling, it's yet another of the books that sit by my bed. It's perfect to flick through when your eyelids are drooping, but you're not quite on the edge of wanting to turn the light out. It can also cure brain whirr or brain race - I don't know if it's bipolar or just me, but sometimes my brain goes into a spin cycle. A few ideas or thoughts are reasonable & valid - the majority is garbage . T'was ever thus :-)

So why am I doing this? Let me quote from the 'pursuing the art of curiosity' blog :

No designer or artist can work in a vacuum. We need to explore - to enquire - to seek out those ideas & images which stimulate our imagination. The seeds of creativity require constant nourishment if they are to flourish.

I call this my ‘art blog’. It’s my intention to turn it into a collection of images or ideas that inspire me as I continue to pursue the art of curiosity. I will inevitably include some pictures of the jewellery that I’ve assembled because these pieces contain the art beads that inspire me. Each of the beads that I have the privilege of working with is unique, individual & original - a extraordinary font of creative stimulation. These are the qualities that I am searching for - not to copy, but to learn from & use as a springboard. Life is one long line of lessons.

When looking at an image, to get ‘into it’ I often play what I call the ’stream of consciousness game’. Reviewing these words is often interesting & sometimes surprising. Stay curious - keep playing the game :-) '

Today I've posted a picture of my mother's fork bracelet, but please forgive me for not playing the 'stream of consciousness game' today. Romy's Fork has been my motivator for many years, but I'd cry if I played today. However my entry for yesterday is there - go & have a laugh at me :-)

I am coming to the end now, but not before I ask one final question. I have lost control of my commas. Does anyone know what the New Yorker's policy on commas is today? It's the only publication whose rigorous editing I trust ;-)

* I have different sets of Battle Books to cover various subjects & situations that arise - do you have any Battle Books? What are they?


Jean said...

I need you to explain Battle books again! it sounds great!


Jennifer Dangerfield said...

I'm going to compile a list of some of my Battle Books for my next blog entry - I'm just waiting for some brood-free time ;-)

Jean said...

ok. I just found thr area of your site--hooray! very cool!