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Monday, 7 May 2007

I belong!

Blue Prom Queen Earrings

This will be a rather teeny tiny entry because I've been adding comments to my previous instalment, namely 'the importance of a blank piece of paper'

I have some happy information which I would like to share. First of all, I'm delighted to report that there are now over 700 members of the
SRAJD scheme! Click on the link and there before you will be a list of artisan jewellery designers that you can trust. I'm proud to be member number 316.

I'm also cock-a-hoop about the fact that I'm now sitting in the Blogs By Women directory. I have been officially approved so rest assured that I'm not harbouring any insidious spam garbage or whatever it is that's nauseous in Web Land. I need to get away from the computer today & make some jewellery (I haven't made anything in the last 36 hours & I'm getting withdrawal symptoms) so I'll have to add a photo to my entry another day, but nevertheless you can find me here: click!

Photograph & jewellery design by Jennifer Dangerfield © 2007


Jean said...

I am hoping I get accepted by them, too! jean is a copycat!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

We're all sisters under the skin & good sisters support one another.

I spotted the Blogs by Women logo on Margot Potter's blog so I can miaow with a capital M I A O W! I hope Margot doesn't mind!