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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Are you ready for cute?

OMD ( Old Man Dickson) schlepped around the supermarket this morning & bumped into the cook at Ellie & Lula's school. On hearing the words, 'I saw your youngest daughter the other day' he mentally battened down the hatches in preparation for yet another list of Lula's sins. He judged in haste - the imp had actually been good.

Ellie & Lula go to the village school which is small & cosy. There is a stable door between the school kitchen & the dining hall - Miss Loopy is just about tall enough to look over the bottom section of the door. Mrs Ralph spotted the oik watching what was going on in the kitchen & asked if there was any problem; was there something she wanted? A drink perhaps?

'No fank you. My Mummy givths me a bottle of water every day so I don't need a dwink. Doeth your Mummy give you a bottle too?'

Mrs Ralph said no. 'Well I fink you should ask her for a bottle. You might get firsty!'

That's OK, but it's not the cute bit. This is. A couple of days after the bottle conversation, a little head reappeared at the kitchen door. What was the matter now? 'Did you talk to your Mummy - did she give you a bottle of water to dwink? You should never get firsty!'

It's not polite to discuss a lady's age, but I will tell you this. Mrs Ralph was very flattered!


Romi said...

Aaaaaaaaaw. Very sweet. :)

Jean said...

thi is my favorite phot, bar none. as you know. although you have taken others I adore, as well.

Beverley Abbott said...

I love your Lula I do!!!! What a superstar!!