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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Keeping Mobile!

I love this mobile. It's a picture that I've borrowed from one of my Swatch Books - 'the art of curiosity...' has numerous facets & 'The Swatch Books' are part of the plan ;-)

If life seems quiet in Jewellery Land, it's because I'm learning new skills. One should never rest on one's laurels - taken literally, what an uncomfortable position to be in! One must evolve - surely that's one of life's lessons?


Jean said...

is it...Calder? i am an idiot, but the mobiles and stabiles I recognize are by Calder. remind me to tell you a funny story about a Calder exhibition!!!

the art of curiosity said...

Please tell me your funny story!!

The mobile does indeed look like a Calder, but though I've discarded the swatch's text, I have a vague feeling that it may have come from Skandium: http://www.skandium.com/ I may well be wrong. If it was made by someone else, there is certainly a very strong influence at play.

Can anyone help - is it a Calder?

BTW, in the toy section of Skandium, there is a Roadster Saab that I COVET! I wish I had a grandchild & a rich husband ;-)