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Friday, 20 July 2007


It had to happen. I do not dazzle. I do not have Margot Potter's wit, glamour, sex appeal & lustre - she's darn intelligent too & was born to write as well as sparkle. I'm not jealous because I love Margot - she works SO extraordinarily hard & when she's President, everyone in the States will surely sing with delight!! But she is a perminent fixture on Top Momma where as I reside under a stone at the bottom of Blog Land's gadren.

The reason for this despondency: I've been booted off Top Momma because I'm not popular :-(

Woe is me! Woe is me! Woe is me! Woe is me!

I was handed a copy of a new book today: 'The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy ( i.e. DBT )Skills Workbook' - looks good. BUT! The school holidays have begun. How am I going to find the time and peaceful lucid moments in which to work on this?

I mean no disrespect to people without children, but why do some of them assume that children play happily together & do not need tending & that processing laundry for two adults, two children & a Lula is a mind-numbing activity which shrivels your brain to the size of a walnut. Brothers & sisters hate each other at the top of their voices during the day, but glue together at bedtime & refuse to be parted. There's also the matter of trying to keep a household running in a building site. We've had one wall removed & another is partly built - please don't ask. Why did he marry me? What was it about me that attracted a man who would eventually fall in love with a mallet?

I squeeze in as much work as I can, but nevertheless, finding enough quality time for work is a problem.

I tend to work at night, even though it breaks my doctor's cardinal rule about a regular sleep pattern. If I work until four in the morning, I can take full advantage of a head that clears at about eleven at night. I can survive on short bouts of sleeps for quite a long length of time, but eventually I pay for it.

What a dull & dismal entry too - how bored you must feel! When you have such feelings or think you are approaching the end of a nappy soaked road, have a go at what I occasionally do. Try it for one minute & progress as required. Pick up or pluck someone ( or something) & pretend to waltz around the room with them. Do not attempt to do this in a supermarket though - the management will not comprehend.

When the brood are whining that I haven't done this or that or are in ' full-on whinge & whine mode', I announce that I'm a mere human being and therefore fallible. A short silence ensues during which, they try to work out what fallible means. Eventually they walk away muttering rather than whinging - I can cope with muttering - and then they start to murder one another again. The 'good enough' idea is a superb piece of advice which I gleaned from the excellent, helpful, and comforting book called ''Families & How to Survive them' by Robyn Skinner % John Cleese. The idea of being a 'good enough' parent is manna!. It's pointless trying to be a perfect parent with a perfect child - these parnerships do not exist. Why not experiment by aiming to be a 'good enough' parent for a while- it cures some of the wilder guilts that afflict a parent.


Jean said...

Margot has been online writing her blog for well over a year, also, for logic's sake, where does this award come from? what country???

I have an award for you tomorrow. do not be distressed. you are first in line for it, and honestly, that is what i figured when i received it.

Apparenty NO one thinks I am a top mama!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I second what Jean says! You get my vote for any award you want!
Keep blogging, Jennifer!


Jean said...

go see your award on my blog--it is up!!!

Jean said...

thank you for being ....YOU!

Margot Potter said...

I'm not all that and a box of Cheez-Its! I'm just a good bullshitter. I also annoyed the crap out of people on my blog to keep voting for me on Top Momma! I have no clue who keeps voting for me as I've not insisted on it in ages! They keep booting everyone off, there's a glitch in the system. I also paid them to be in the Hall of Fame, as it is good PR.

See...not so amazing at all.

I'm just a girl, struggling to make something out of nothing every single day. It's quite frankly exhausting, lonely and often beats me up mercilessly. That being said, I love my work. I can tell you do too, which is why you will shine on sista!


the art of curiosity said...
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the art of curiosity said...

I was only joking - I think my words may have come out wrong.

You are all so sweet & kind :-) Miss Margot -YOU ARE ALL OF THE THINGS I SAID!

Margot Potter said...

Not at all, I got you! Seriously, I just wanted you to know that I get down and blue just like you. I'm filled to the brim with brooding Irish Melancholia! Shhh...don't tell okay?!

Also, I wanted you to know that this Top Momma thingie keeps crashing so you may not have been booted off at all!

Love you!