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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

On This Day...

I send my heartfelt sympathy,love & tender wishes to all those whose lives changed on that dreadful day in 2001.

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Jean said...

I cannot say, that as a person living in NY, I "OWN this day"... but this day was a day, for all people, that goes down in infamy. I can say that! Yes, that quote comes from an earlier time, but seems right.
I don't have the overwhelmingly strong feelings I use to have about this day...I have had to come to terms with it. However, when they read the names on tv, I cry. Then I turn off the tv. It is like a visit to the Viet Nam War Memorial, an extraordinary edifice: putting my fingers on the name and date of my fallen chldhood friend who came from our town and tracing those letters and numbers, and thinking about him intensely. Yes, I cry again. However, life is a choice. I must choose goodness and I must choose hope.