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Friday, 14 September 2007

What to do with a wine rack when you've run out of wine...

My brain is more sieve-like than ever at present - could the changing season be affecting my cells?

I forgot to share a Lulaism - what a heinous crime! Here goes...

The ever inventive Lula has come up with a new use for empty wine racks. On a recent visit to pastures new, it was noticed that she was rather intrigued by the built-in wine rack adjacent to the washing machine in a friend's kitchen.

Now, Lula is not a tidy child - far, far from it. Her wardrobe is the floor. What is clean or unclean can only truly be determined by the sniff test. For any of you who haven't come across the rules of this particular 'snifter', you gauge the cleanliness of clothes by the smell of how much fabric conditioner you can detect. Play safe when you have a cold & are looking for dirty laundry. Stop. Desist. Leave all clothes on the floor. Nurse your cold & leave the offspring's clothes to fester. Rely on their embarrassment about the state of their garments instead.

The above only applies to children of a relevant & youthful age. Leave teenagers to make their own arrangements. If Tom's clothes don't make the journey from bedroom to laundry basket, I'm not bothered. Girl power will exert its influence soon & when it does, I shall be waiting for him by the washing machine along with a words-of-one-syllable guide to how to use the washing machine & dryer. If he masters these, I'll point out the ironing board too.

Where was I?

Lula's interpretation of the wine rack wasn't noticed on the first day nor the second. Daylight dawned on day three when she was spotted carefully inserting her socks & knickers into one of the holes of the wine rack. Careful investigation brought the other two sets to light. 'I fought you put your knickerths in there becoth it'th next to the washing machine. We don't have one of thesths at home. It'th very clever.'

So if for any reason you don't store wine in your wine rack, why not use it as a handy knicker or sock store? It's sure to be a talking point when you're next entertaining!


Jafabrit said...

oh that is clever :)

the art of curiosity said...

Thank you :-)

Corrine, Corrine! Wherefore art thou, Corrine? I've been trying to contact you. You're a difficult lady to track down - I can't find your email address. Help?

Still Waters Studio said...

I noticed your tag, "my family and other animals" Did you read the book by that name by Gerald Durrell? It is a wonderful book. I re-read it whenever I need a vicarious vacation to a Greek isle.

Jafabrit said...

you tracked me, and I am grinning like a cheshire cat LOL! Thankyou :)

the art of curiosity said...

Hi Sherry!

It's one of my favourite books. Even though I've read it so many times, there are still passages that make me weep with laughter. I too read it when I want to 'escape'.

One of the reasons that I've pinched the title is that, up until recently, my youngest daughter thought she was a dog! A few people thought I was strange for not discouraging her canine impulses, but my attitude is that if you can't be a dog when you're 5, when can you be?

Thank you for visiting my blog - it's nice to 'meet' you :-)


the art of curiosity said...


I raise my morning mug of tea to you :-)

Jean said...