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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

'The Faces' Jewellery Challenge: so what would you make for...

I'm reminded of the 'Faces' jewellery challenge that I referred to earlier this month. My impetus is eluding me at present and my sketchbook of ideas for Ellen Terry ( please see this entry) is a staccato mess. Nevertheless, I have another face for you; a photograph of Virginia Woolf whom I mentioned yesterday.

Both this photograph and that of Ellen capture them before the originality & true colours of their lives had unfolded. Perhaps this is why I find it difficult to pluck out inspiration from these youthful photographs; I know what is to come and it is not yet a highly visible seed in these innocent portraits. Methinks I must bear in mind the character & experience of these extraordinary women and celebrate the beauty of maturity. Perhaps I should challenge myself with a photograph of the poet, Dame Edith Sitwell instead.

But ah me no; Dame Edith had more style in an elegant finger tip than I would ever dream of addressing. I dare not presume!

My search for a face continues...


Anonymous said...

The Sitwells have been a long fascination for me! Dame Edith, especially. You should go for it!

the art of curiosity said...

Hi Pal :-)

They certainly were a remarkable family. I adore that Plantagenant/Modigliani face of hers & would have loved to have seen her 'perform' her poetry, especially 'Facade'.

I think Dame Edith would have LOVED Kate McKinnon's jewellery: http://www.katemckinnon.com I can easily picture her wearing one of Kate's magnificent rings!

Take care!


JafaBrit's Art said...

I would think Edith would be a GREAT challenge. What a character, have you ever read the bio Facades by John Pearson, FAB book.

the art of curiosity said...


Wow - thanks for the tip-off :-) I've just managed to find a first edition via AbeBooks. As soon as it arrives, I shall consume it with gusto!

Jennifer xox