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Saturday, 15 May 2010

The things I sweep under my carpet!

Speck of Speck's Sketch Blog has reminded me of something else that didn't go to plan. I looked under the carpet under which I sweep these things and lo, I've found a few of the sketches which I drew for the Everyday Matters Challenge. I followed the Challenge from a distance as I don't possess the necessary talent to be a formal participant, but then my big, bad, bipolar blip got in the way & my plans went completely awry! However, I've still got the list so I can always start again.

Here are a couple more, 'What on earth was she thinking of' sketches, namely:

Number 1 - my espadrille

and Number 24 - an apple

Now, aren't you glad I shared these ;-) I do like to make a fool of myself of a weekend!!

I think the challenge has ended now, but to view the drawings submitted by the group, why don't you pay a visit to the Everyday Matters Group on Flickr. I promise you'll be enthralled!


Speck said...

LOL! Yes you have plenty of talent to do the EDM challenges! These drawings are great! Whack that inner critic and tell her to go away.

The EDM challenges are always open. You can do 'em any time, any order, any media, and do 'em often and repeatedly.

Come play with us on Flickr. It's a warm and welcoming group. :)

the art of curiosity said...

What great news that the group's still open! I shall flitter over to Flickr ASAP. I fancy some playtime!

Speck, thank you for your immensely kind words :-)

Seth said...

I think these are both wonderful. Shoes are notoriously hard to draw and I think you did a great job!

the art of curiosity said...

Seth, how kind of you to stop by! Thank you for your very kind comments :-) BTW, my copy of 'True Colours' has arrived. It's more than a book; it's an extraordinary experience! I'm truly indebted to you for the introduction.