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Monday, 12 July 2010

Confessions of a bead fondler & colour junkie!


I had my wrist grabbed today! And, as is usual when this happens, it was because I was sporting some rather delectable beads. Clare Scott's dazzling 'Continuum' art glass beads arrived in the mail last week ( along with some other dazzlers) and I was so entranced by the way these beauties toy with the light that I set my heart on making a chain bracelet. As I'm a bead-fondler & a colour-junkie, I have a habit of holding art glass up to the light in order to suck up the colours - with the movement afforded by chain bracelets, they're an ideal vehicle for captivating, light-manipulating beads.

There's a tender aqua & an exhilerating purple at work in these beads (which sadly I couldn't adequately capture in my photographs, but Clare has, so scoot off to her website or Etsy & take a closer look). These colours tickled my memory bank so into the bead trays I dived and I surfaced with a collection of ceramic beads by Emma Ralph. I then scattered handfuls of silver and rainbow amethyst tubes into my lap and started work on the bracelet which you now see before you.

The lady who grabbed my wrist made my day! Having your jewellery examined in such a complimentary fashion is a boost and a half! On so many levels, creating jewellery is a therapeutic occupation & I thoroughly recommend it!


Beads by Clare Scott said...

Stunning work as alaways beautiful lady... you manage to capture such energy and light into your designs.

I`m a huge fan!

Clare xx

the art of curiosity said...

Oh thank you gorgeous girl - you give me SO much pleasure!!

Jennifer xox

Jean said...

what a super piece! I love it in every way!!!
xox jean

the art of curiosity said...

Thank you Jean the Bean! What song shall I sing to you today?

Jennifer xox

Casdok said...

My son is a bead fondler too!!
It is a beautiful piece.

the art of curiosity said...

How kind of you - thanks for stopping by.

Bead fondlers of the world unite!

Jennifer xox