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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Kinks

The Kinks

During the recent Glastonbury Festival, I was lazing one 'Sunny Afternoon' & singing along with Ray Davies. Julie Fountain's beads were on my mind as I was planning to make a variation of one of my Leather Garland necklaces using some of her summer-themed beads. It suddenly struck me that the most obvious name for this knotted necklace was 'The Kinks' !

Lilac Garland

Whilst you're here, if you want to join me in a rendition of 'Waterloo Sunset', here are the lyrics. I could warble this when the summer grass in the meadow was taller than I!


Pretty Things said...

LOOOVE this! This should be in a magazine!!!

Julie ... Lush! said...

Now there's a good idea!

Its lovely, Jennifer!

the art of curiosity said...

WOW - thank you Lori! You fill me with joy :-) I may have to dance around the room now!

the art of curiosity said...

And I owe it all to - Julie!!!

Thank you my dear :-) I listened to the song of your Sunbaked beads (http://www.lushlampwork.co.uk/userimages/procart12.htm)& this is what they said they wanted to be in this reincarnation.

I love the way some beads 'tell' you what they want to be - must be some magic woven in by the maker!