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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Catching up!

It was the perfect weather for taking photographs today; the light was clear & bright and I could sit in the study without melting mid-afternoon.

I've been wearing this bracelet with these scintilatingly beautiful beads by Emma Ralph for quite some time, but I'm now delighted to be able to partner it with this mix & match group of four earrings featuring Laura Sparling's famous Luminobeads. The earrings go by the name of 'Don't Tell Chris' - this posting from Laura's blog should explain why. I do hope Chris will forgive me ;-)

Just look what I've done with Helen Breil's stupendous focal beads! You're probably wondering why I've spilt the original setting (as seen on Helen's home page) apart. I promise that there is method in my madness. I purchased another stunning focal from Helen and, as I want to make maximum impact in a demi-parure of earrings and a collar, I decided to create these earrings in a sculptural form. I love wearing them; the line is so flattering to the neck. I call them 'The Peacocks' as they bob & weave in a similar way to the waltz of those stately fellows as they parade before shaking their tail feathers out. Once I've figured out how best to do justice to Helen's other dramatic, scene-stealing focal, I'll add a photo of the collar.

I have Emma Ralph to thank for the Harebell Ice beads in this set of earrings. At just over 6cms from the tip to toe, these are lovely & long. I'm heavily into dangly ear gear this year!!


Laura said...

Jennifer, the earrings are wonderful. Chris should be honoured that they're named after him!

Laura x

the art of curiosity said...

Thanks Laura :-) The last thing I'd want to do is upset your fiancé!


Jennifer xox

the art of curiosity said...

BTW, it's jolly nice having a good looking man in my jewellery box!!