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Thursday, 10 June 2010

A strange state of mind

I had to take the past few days out which makes me feel SO angry with myself; I loathe being at the mercy of emotions. And once again I'm fearful that my brain & body are beginning to over-ride me. Imagine having a dictatorial stranger in your house & that you are completely at their mercy. This is bipolar. I am not my bipolar, but my bipolar is me.

From Sunday morning to midnight yesterday, I managed a total of five hours sleep so I've been feeling very disorientated & restless during the past few days. Last night, my brain finally submitted and allowed me to sleep so I feel better today.

Now that a quieter place has opened up, I'm going to see if I can't paint it out. I think the trick is not to analyse it but to gently acknowlege it & see if it will work through. And I shall also count my blessings, for I am fortunate & have many.



Anonymous said...

be gentle with yourself, Jen! Those sleepless times can be really difficult, I know - wishing you peace as you work through the quieter place.

the art of curiosity said...

Thanks Caitlin. I'm so comforted by your kindness.

Jennifer xox

the art of curiosity said...

The knowledge of the support that's out there uplifts me - from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all of the kind messages I've received. The bonds that surround the fellowship of those of us who have depression & bipolar are so powerfully strong & deeply compassionate; it moves me intensely.

I will write to each of you, but until that moment,

'you are my blessing, you are a blessing and I thank you!

With much, much love,