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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Farewell Kurt!

My Saturday nights have just got sadder & duller for the excellent Swedish detective series, 'Wallender' has ended its run on BBC4. It's the only programme I regularly watch so I'd be bereft were it not for the fact that I've found someone who can supply me with the DVDs. I didn't see the first series so I've got 13 more programmes to look forward to. Yippee!

I hope you enjoy Anna Trenheim's haunting theme music which sadly isn't available on CD. I've fallen for her charms so I'm now off to download her album, 'Leaving On A Mayday'.


Anonymous said...

I never got into Wallender- I think it was shown when I was watching something else. I am quite bereft knowing that my Saturday night favourite The Bill is ending!

the art of curiosity said...
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the art of curiosity said...

Do you get a lot of UK programmes?

I think we might share another favourite - the archaeological programme 'Time Team'? Channel 4 aired half of this season's series in the spring this year - they're making us wait until the autumn for the rest. This has always been January to March, Sunday winter evening viewing for me so they're messing with my body clock! How dare they ;-) How is one supposed to get through winter without treats to look forward to!