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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Where to search for beads

Netscape With Mermaids

I love the luscious art beads that I use in my work with a passion. Because I'm not able to get out to any shows in person, I search out artists online and thus I rely heavily on the wonderful SRA scheme. If you want to avoid buying fakes or getting involved in scams, check out the SRA index and hunt for the logo. And then you'll be able to find ravishing beads like these by Emma Ralph!


Jessica Torrant said...

This particular piece really grabbed me on your website. I love jewelry that's such a work of art, it becomes the outfit. The question is, what simple black dress (or other simple garb) shall I wear with it?

the art of curiosity said...

It thrills me beyond measure to discover that you like this:-) I've wear this with a vest(now I wonder what you call them in the States - a top with thin or spaghetti style straps?)or dress it up with a strapless dress.

Buffet - yes. Dinner - no! Netscapes don't like formal dining as I once learnt to my cost - ha ha! Drapery is fine but it doesn't dine ;-)