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Sunday, 15 April 2007

So which one of us had the bird brain?

Diving Belle Barbed Bracelet

I had a strange encounter with a bird today and cross my heart, I swear it is true. It was a beautiful hot day & since my room is the coolest ( it's cool in all senses of the word, but I would say that, wouldn't I?) in the house, I decided to work on the bed. (Actually my bed is one of my favourite places to work as I can spread all my kit & caboodle out, plus I'm extremely fortunate to have the luxury of a panoramic view across the valley & the golf course. I wonder whether other jewellery designers have a favourite place in which to work?) Lifting my head ready for a daydream at the view, I found myself staring into the eyes of a partridge. I haven't been sleeping too well recently so my first thought was that my mind was performing some kind of pirouette. The second thought wandered down the avenue of, 'Why is a partridge sitting on my window sill?'

A pair of pheasants & a pair of partridges have sensibly escaped from the land belonging to the local shoot & have taken up residence within the shrubs & brambles that separate the houses from the golf course. They're very fond of our garden - there's bird food around & the canine guardian's only concern is how many flies she can bark at - she ignores anything larger. So I'm used to seeing these birds amble around the garden although last week, I was a little surprised to find one of the partridges sitting on the terrace just outside of the sitting room. At this point I should mention that our house is built on the side of a mountain. OK, it's not a mountain but it is a very steep chalk ridge so we have 'terraced down' from the top of the drive to the bottom of the garden - our plot is a testament to the strength of reinforced retaining walls. Everybody else in Treble Close needs crampons to traverse their own properties.

I digress. The bird & I stared at one another. I felt slightly uncomfortable because it reminded me of a social encounter with someone who you think you know, who seems to know you, but whose name or any other useful information have deserted you. I slowly looked away, but I carried on looking at the bird out of the corner of my eye. There is no doubt in my mind that the partridge was convinced that I was the alien.

After logging this experience in my mind as memorable, I got fed up with being stared at by the bird (I now know what it's like to be a budgie) and carried on with my original objective of casting a dreamy eye over the golf course. And lo, I spotted the reason for my 'Close Encounters of the Bird Kind'. Juno, our well padded border terrier, had commandeered the bird bath & was lying in it. The partridge wasn't interested in me or my family sized bed. The temptation was clear - she wanted use of my wet room!

The facts are true but the conjecture is the result of an over-active imagination!

© Jennifer Dangerfield 2007


Jean said...

I love this story!!! ps: love your earrings shown below, too! they are fantastic!!!!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you Jean. After a good night's sleep, the thing which is stuck in my mind is the bird's gimlet-eyed stare - it was positively sinister! Can you imagine a cross btween a goat's eye and an eagle's? It was fiercesome!

I wonder if Daphne Du Maurier wrote 'The Birds' after an unpleasant encounter with a partridge?

Jean said...

geesh! and there is a word for you--gimlet eyes!!! how fun!

Jean said...

and...hahaha!!! re Daphne Du Maurier. is there anything you don't know . you are so cool!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Dear honey pie ( that was the definitive one, wasn't it?) the interior of my head resembles one of those bleak & dusty landscapes that you see in spaghetti westerns. There's just the odd bit of tumbleweed blowing around - Daphne must have got tangled up in one of those ;-) But THANK YOU for making my big head swell a little more xox