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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

lulaism number I

Scottie Pendant

My anger about the bullies made me forget to add a Lulaism, Lula being my six year old tomboy. We were 'lucky' to have one of each - a boy, a girl & a Lula. Here is a small snatch of a conversation.( BTW, Lula has inherited my childhood lisp.)

Lula: 'Have any parthels arrived today?'

Mother: 'No. Why do you ask?'

Lula: Becoth I ordered loths of Spiderman fings on the computer.'

Mother: 'How did you pay for all this?'

We all waited with bated breath at this point - no flies land on Lula & she's smart enough to lift Daddy's credit card.

Lula: 'I never paid for anyfing. Isn't it free?'

Here's another favourite Lulaism. On December 31st 2005, we were jokingly making a list of our New Year's Resolutions. Lula's? She announced that she was giving up cigars! We don't know anyone who has this habit, so where The Mighty Atom got this idea from remains a mystery.

Photography & jewellery design by Jennifer Dangerfield ©


beviboo said...

Lula sounds adorable!! I love her lulaisms and you tell the story so well!

Fab Blog
Love Bev xx

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thanks Bev - it's good to see you here!

When I've scraped the dirt off & she's fast asleep, I do get the maternal 'ahh!' twinge. The problems start when she's awake. Not so long ago, she fancied a snooze in the sun. She took her quilt & pillow outside, climbed on to the roof of my car & settled down for a sleep! I think we must live in Cloud Cuckoo Land!