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Saturday, 14 April 2007

How do I decorate this place?

I think I need help. I don't know how to decorate this web room! I want to make this an inviting place in the hope that I will attract all you wise & witty people to visit from time to time, but at the moment it's as drab as any room/house/castle you've just moved into. For heaven's sake I'm an experienced interior designer - why can't I come up with a quick fix?

I haven't time to research my principle problem at the moment ( how the heck do I get my photos to fit?) because I have a prior claim on my time - editing pictures of some beautiful earrings which I took today.

I also need to add a link to
Jean Yates' blog - please do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading Jean's blog. Via Jean, I found Margot Potter - this too is a must-read! These ladies are so entertaining & informative. For instance, I didn't know the following fact about Jean -this is number 28 out of 100 things to know about Jean: Here is one of my favorite vocabulary words if you ever want to impress you friends: "effulgent" Jean, I'm sorry for copying that from your blog but it is indeed impressive!

A law has been passed & it requires me to always quote Jean in pink. This legislation also covers Emma Ralph & Laura Sparling who are green and purple respectively. My husband, Old Man Dickson ( I refused to adopt his surname when we got married as I had a perfectly good one of my own) may occasionally surface in brown - he & I have chocolate issues! I may also mention my six year old daughter from time to time - if you prefer a child free-zone, please let me elaborate before you reject me. Emma has suggested that Lula may be an embryonic existentialist philosopher. She & I have a fondness for Lulaisms - my all-time favourite is the answer I received when I asked what she'd been doing at school.

'Finking mostly and then doing fings.'

Lula will have to be brown too because she is permanently grubby. She is a grime magnet - as soon as she's been dried by a towel, molecules of dirt fly through the air & attach themselves to her, usually around the mouth. My other daughter sails through life bandbox fresh & immaculate. How does that happen?


Jean said...

haha!!! guess what ??? my cool vocabulary word, effulgent, may not be real!someone politely pointed this out to me when I wrote out the 100 things I wrote out! I have anther favorite! It is ineluctable!

margot's new blog inspired me to contact her blog designer, who is working on a design for me! consider her--she is super! You won't believe what I asked of her! I hope she can do it!

ps: love those glorious earrings!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

I have climbed up a book shelf & brought down my Oxford Dictionary - the condensed version runs to two volumes both about the size of a concrete block so lifting these is my physical exercise for the day.

'effulge: to shine out, to beam. effulgent: giving off a brilliant light, shining, radiant' - all of which are applicable to you :-)

I know effulgent & I'll bet you know effulgent because Virginia Woolf had a fondness for it. ( I am a saddo because I have kept a reading notebook since 1678 when I was young & feckless.)


Jean said...

oh geesh--I came back and re-read this--I seem to be taken with your earrings, twice over!!! tell you what-the raku set and the matching bracelet are favourites of mine as well. !!! you are incredible!