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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Spinning in their graves? Warning - this entry mentions intimate parts of the body!

Kronos Crab

Via Radio 4, I have just been introduced to 'Menopause The Musical' which has crossed the Atlantic & can now been seen at the Shaw Theatre in London. I laughed all the way through the interview and couldn't help but wonder what Rogers & Hammerstein would think?

I'm a fan of 'The Vagina Monologues', but I've not seen 'Puppetry of the Penis'. Frankly I've no wish to see the latter - viewed as a design, in my humble opinion it's not the most attractive part of the masculine body.

I must bare my soul now & admit that I would rather give birth than sit through a musical (with the proviso that I had been pierced with an epidural first. One day, remind me to tell you about the birth of Ellie which was so excrutiatingly painful that I seriously considered throwing myself out of the window. At one point I also dived under the bed and refused to come out until they gave me something for the pain. This was one tantrum too many for OMD & he finally lost his temper with me and told me to stop behaving like a child. Don't you dare feel sorry for OMD though. After the birth of our son, he voiced the opinion that men evidentally have a higher pain threshold than women! I could tell you more of my husband's birthing sins, but the list is a long one & I don't want to bore you.) To get back to musicals, to please a dear friend, I did once sit through a performance of 'My Fair Lady' & it had the same effect on me as dragging chalk down a blackboard.

Despite my aversion to musicals, I wish 'Menopause The Musical' much success. Once again the women who sprang forth during the age of the baby boom are challenging the traditional view of women. As a grateful recipient of the changes that have resulted from this witty reappraisal, dear sisters, I sincerely thank you. You're doubly beautiful for doing it with humour.

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Jean said...

I have had enough of musicals as well, as you may know from my 100 things. I would like YOU to write 100 things! I want further edification! You are astoundingly smart! I would be cowed, except Emma is, as well. So I am sort of prepared for it. The two of you are amazing.