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Saturday, 21 April 2007

the power of illustration

Swim Chain Bracelet

I beg you to go straight to Penelope Dullaghan's site & look at her portrait of Emily Dickinson. I did the same as you're about to do ( that assumes you're going to follow my bossy advice - I apologise for being dictatorial, but you get like that when you're the leader of a household) and then I dashed straight over to my bookshelves, got Emily down, and l had the pleasure listening to her voice once again. As I say above, what a perfect example of the power of illustration!

Penelope is also the founder of 'Illustration Friday' - if you haven't come across this yet, I beg you to add this to your Friday notebook.

Blog novice questions: who was the originator of the Friday collections? Which was the first group? Why am I always so damn curious? You don't have to answer the latter. Safe to assume that my cyber proboscis is as large as Pinocchio's. In reality, I have a version of a snout!

To conclude, I would like to give the award to:

Number Two: Penelope Dullaghan

Number Three : the members of the Illustration Friday blog

Photograph & jewellery design by Jennifer Dangerfield © 2007

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Jean said...

spectacular. my breath is taken away!