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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

so what did God do on the seventh day?

Amber Swing Earrings

Please forgive the irreverent post, but the following makes me smile. Ellie's entranced by what I do & likes to talk about it. Daily, hourly; basically a lot! Today her seven year old pal Jason plunged in with a finely honed rebuff.

'Your mother isn't the best jewellery maker in the world - God is!'

I now have this rather kitsch vision of a white haired, bearded old man in flowing garments sitting in his rocking chair & thinking something like,

'Do you know - it's time I had some me-time. I think I'll make a pair of earrings on Sunday.'

Jewellery design & photograph by Jennifer Dangerfield ©


Jean said...


Laura said...

Bless Lula!

I'd ask Jason this : If God is the best jewellery maker in the world why doesn't he make sterling silver findings cheaper?!

Laura x

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

LOL! You've got a very good point there! J xoxox