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Thursday, 14 June 2007

I don't know what I've been doing?

Barola Polymer Earrings

All my plans for making jewellery & photographing the results have turned to dust during the last couple of weeks. It's been one of those experiences that we all have from time to time - rushed off our feet, but with nothing much to show for it. That's life!

I have added the Aegean Heart pendant & the Barola earrings to my website - a whole two things!! They are lovely though. Shortly I also hope to add a fresh photograph of the choker too - I need to do justice to Laura's stunning beads! 'Fondant Fancy' also needs a little more time under the lens, but then it will snuggle into the 'Hands Up' compartment on my website.

I have a lame brain today - it's run out of words. Does that ever happen to you?


Romi said...


I often have a lame brain. Caffeine helps. :)

Beverley Abbott said...

I know exactly how you feel JD my brain is lame quite often LOL!!!