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Saturday, 2 June 2007

I've come back to soothe my blog


I've neglected my infant blog in favour of the competition's site, but its guardian has now returned ready to do battle with words.

I haven't brewed up an entry yet, but I've got sleep to look forward to so I may find something in my dreams.

In the meantime here is a fresh picture of the first prize entitled 'Beach'.

Over the weekend, I'm hoping to slot in some time to assemble the selection of pendants that I am offering as a second prize. When I woke up this morning, it was the first thing on my 'things to do which I actually enjoy doing', but sadly the 'life crap' list has presidence & it took me over today. I don't know which is worse - 'life's crap paperwork' or 'life's crap chores'?

Put on the imaginary boots & wade through the mire - the island you're trying to reach is a worthwhile goal , but you may not manage to reach it everyday.


Romi said...

That is just gorgeous. It makes me feel peaceful just looking at it!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you Romi. I'm starting my day with a smile thanks to you :-)