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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fodder for your Inner Jewellery Hunter

Flower Power Bracelet

This blog is like my life. Full of promises to do things which I run out of time to do! I promised an 'Inner Jewellery Hunter' puzzle which I will do when I've squeeeeeeeezed time for assembling jewellery into my week/fortnight/month.

I didn't finished 100 things about me either- I got stuck. I don't do anything & am utterly uninteresting. I'm like a hamster - I rarely look up & connect with real life. I troll from my bedroom to my study to my Shack & back again. I can do this & completely ignore the house because each of my rooms has a door to the garden. I like to keep the brood on their toes so trying to find their elusive mother is a teeny tiny challenge for them. Just so you don't worry about my cleanliness, I have a wet room so I'm not in need of a good scrubbing, unlike Lula whose face is a grime magnet. As soon as she steps out of the bath, her magnet attracts all manner of grubby things & they cling on no matter how many Wet Ones I use. (This may not be enviromentally friendly, but my mother was a fiend when she had a wash cloth in her hand & I can't bring myself to scrub my daughter red raw! )

I cannot complain. I occasionally played with two little girls who were always band-box fresh & whose socks stayed dazzling white no matter what we were doing. As I spent a lot of my childhood up a tree reading a book, no matter what I did, I went back home at the end of the day with ripped clothes, twigs in my hair and mud & lichen in all manner of places. On one notable day, my mother lost her temper & rounded on me demanding to know,

'Why do you always come home in such a mess? Marilyn & Nicola never do!'

To which I replied in gnomic fashion,

'If I'm dirty, it means I've had a good time. If I'm clean, I haven't.'

This remark is now entombed in family lore & I still adhere to this prinicple, though when we're in company, Wet Ones keep Lula in a reasonably presentable state.

Oh boy, I really am the Queen of Digression.

I have found a website which is tailor made material for your 'Inner Jewellery Hunter'. Check out Klimt02 Community


Gemheaven said...

Yay I am in and can post!!

My Elli used to come home from Nursery clean - I don't know how she did it - now, well all of a sudden she can attract dirt and after an ice cream - boy, I should take a photo lol !!!

But I will hold onto your quote to remind me the dirtier she is the happier - thanks for that :D


Jennifer Dangerfield said...

It's so good to see you on here - a very warm welcome indeed :-)