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Monday, 25 June 2007

I'm so angry!

Please forgive me but I'm about to rant. It's Tom's birthday today - he's a finally a teenager & he's been dancing on air! Yesterday he went to the Star Wars exhibition in London & he was ecstatically happy.


We've had to collect him home from school because Tom was accosted by four older boys wanting money. I don't let him carry anything valuable at school - fortunately they appear to have believed him. Tom doesn't want to talk about it at the moment. Later on, he will find me & talk - this is our pattern.

There is some good news - he remembered his plan of action & went to Matron who contacted his Head of Year.

He was doing so well! I loathe the little shits that mock him. He knows he is loved & adored here - he is Tom, PDD or not - but he is growing frightened of the world. He believes he is hated and that anything bad that happens is all down to some mistake he's made.

Why oh why oh why oh why! They've ruined one of his rites of passage birthdays!

So help me, at some point in the future, I'm not going to take my meds for a while & then they will feel the full force of my anger. I'm very articulate at first & anyone who stands me in my way will be mentally shredded & pulverised.

Women are tigers when it comes to their children! Even Darth Vader would flee were he confronted by an angry mother!


Romi said...

I'm so very sorry. People can be so so cruel. :(

But happy happy birthday to the new teenager!!!!!

Jean said...

I am angry too, as your family are my heroes!!! Go et em, Jennifer!!!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you Rosemary. Tom also sends his thanks for your good wishes :-)

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Ah Jean, you are so sweet. You, Jim & the boys are MY heroes so I sending our hugs over the ocean.

Beverley Abbott said...

Hi JD just read this post,
your lovely Tom doesnt deserve this treatment by the other boys - children are so cruel arnt they.
At the end of the day your lovely Tom will make a fantastic well adjusted young adult and those boys will probably be in some kind of detention center!!
I do hope he is ok
Loads of love Bev x

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you Bev.

I call one of Tom's best friends his minder - if you could see him, you would know why. He was back at school yesterday & Tom was delighted to see him.

It comes to something when you can only relax at school if you've got a bodyguard with you! If this is what happens in supposedly 'nice' Winchester, what goes on elsewhere?

Army of Mom said...

That sucks. I hate pople sometimes. I'm glad you had the fun Star Wars experience, though. I'm taking my kiddos next week to a Star Wars exhibit here in North Texas, too.

Thanks for stopping by my SPF. Yours was too funny!!!

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you for your kind words :-)

You know what i'm going to have to say to you, don't you?

'May the force be with you!'

Lynda Lehmann said...

I'm sorry for the bullying your son has had to endure. It doesn't help us mothers much to know that it is unhappy and unfulfilled people who do the bullying. It goes on perennially, all over the world. Maybe one day civilized societies will figure out how to help bullies see the damage they do, and help them learn to like themselves better, so they won't have to bully.

I think that in America especially, the violence kids grow up with on TV and in the movies, leads them in the direction of violent lives.