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Monday, 18 June 2007

June ABS: 'Sweetie'

Art Bead Scene's challenge for June is 'Let them eat cake'. I love their challenges because their briefs are so cool & sassy. Entrants are invited to mull over the following:

'The theme for June is "Let Them Eat Cake." What does that mean? Anything related to sweets, treats, candy, Marie Antoinette, or France. Let your creativity feast on the possibilities.'

That description opens up an incredibly large vista for one's imagination to work on. I've entered two pieces already, but their challenge is so enticing that I want to think about a third. Is that greedy? Is that too much?

'Sweetie' is about candy colours & I entered 'Fondant Fancy' because Emma Ralph's beads are so utterly, totally perfect for the role.

Though I signed up for Illustration Fridays back in April, I haven't submitted anything yet. This week's word is 'Rejection'. I don't feel very drawn to this - oh, the pain of a pun!

I haven't played Stuff Portrait Fridays either, but my friend Jean does & it always looks such fun. I'm going to nose around Random & Odd and see what's what & where it's at!


Jean said...

Random and Odd involves photography. you might just love it!

the only thing you shoud know is this: if you play, you need to leave your blogspot where you put your photo and title your subject Stuff Portrait Fridays, or people who play won't come to see you! Plus, you have to go see them!

Aard was doing it for a while too. I hope she keeps it up!

Romi said...

Very pretty! I love your sense of color. :)