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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Blog Sitter Blog Questions

I'm trotting out of town until I don't know when ( 'I don't know when' sounds so free & easy and as much as I would like to reinforce that carefree illusion, in actual fact it means I'll return to Chez Hovel when the trench in our sitting room has been filled in. Call me fussy, but when we're entertaining I prefer to offer our guests a floor to stand on rather than a plank over a hole. I have a pernickety streak in my character which I don't think my husband will ever adjust to ;-)

When we all go travelling, we pick up things which we bring back home with us. These can come in the form of the acquisition of a memento, a shift in perception, a new dream or something requiring medical attention.

What do you go looking for? Have you any favourite mementos? Have you been somewhere or done something that has made you reappraise your life or plans or dreams?

I'm asking these questions because I'm hoping that you might consider answering or talking about them whilst I'm away. Oh boy, am I cheeky by asking if you'd consider doing a little light blog sitting?

Let's me hit you with a list. Here are five things that I'd like to be able to bring home after a journey.

1. A pebble.
2. Fresh drawings in my sketch book.
3. A bottle of milk for the tea I'm going to make as soon as I can lay my hands on the kettle.
4. Dirty washing that has magically laundered itself on the journey home.
5. Something new to be curious about.

How about you?


Jean said...

1. some water and sand in a bottle, from the Ocean.
2. a magic key which opens the door to a place I haven't found yet.
3. five things colored yellow: a yellow pressed flower, a piece of yellow glass with the edges worn down by time, a yellow lacquered framed picture of my family, and an antique yellow mechanical singing bird in a cage.
4. cool shoes
5. the best book ever!

the art of curiosity said...

Jean, that's so enchanting. Were I capable of scribing with a fine swan's quill, I would copy your words on to a scroll, tie it with a yellow silk ribbon & have it presented to you in person by Matt Damon.

Sadly calligraphy is beyond me - I am only educated in the ways of the ink blot. Fountain pens explode in my presence. Whose bright idea was it to dissect an ink cartridge in a biology lesson? Who bore the marks of this foolishness for the rest of the day? I was decorated in the art of curiosity!!

I've begun to dream my way into my question now - I must try to spin my drifty thoughts into words before my suitcase finally snaps shut.

Jennifer xox

jafabrit said...

LOL I relate sooooooooooo much to your list number three.

What do I look for, hum. Something that defines the place, whether it is plants, architecture, graffiti or street art and photograph it.
Always pick up stones :)
bits of things.

Have a good trip :)