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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Laurel Sparks & a question for all the artists amongst you

This painting is called ' Beautiful Blah' - I love it. Laurel Sparks is a new artist to me whose work can be seen here and here. There are some more paintings which I'm close to worshiping, but out of respect for Laurel, I won't show any more images on here. You must go & see.

How did I find her? This demonstrates how thoroughly bored I am at present. I typed 'blah' & searched for images! It was undoubtedly worth it because Laurel's work intrigues me & I'm going to ferret around to see if I can find some more of her work.

But doing an image search for 'blah'? Pursuing 'the art of curiosity...' can sometimes lead you into doing odd things :-)

As a matter of interest, what do the artists amongst you feel about about having images such as the above, displayed on people's blogs when they 'discover' you? I would welcome your opinions & guidance. I'm going to send a 'fan letter' to Laurel later, but in the meantime, I would be interested to read your opinions.

If you could provide this curious searcher with a little guidance, as soon as I'm able, I promise to skip along with respect, purpose & a large ladle of loopiness.

With love from Ditzy Daisy xox


Jean said...

I think it is ok, when you treat the painting or artwork with respect, and you attribute it properly t the correct artist! what do you think? I have actally come across things of mine online out of the blue and I was pleased!

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful! Whenever I see any of my art somewhere online!I find it to be a HUGE compliment. :) As long as it is not added into something that it is not about, I am fine with it.

jafabrit said...

I have no problem with it when, as jean said, it is attributed and maybe a link provided. I am happily surprised when I see my work on another blog.

me im thinkin clown said...

this is a common practice.
it only generates problems when it is disrespectful.