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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Come Back Lens - All is Forgiven!

My photographs are suffering at the moment because my favourite lens has flown off to Nikon to have his motor mended. This is such a shame because I have a ' The Big Easy' bracelet to unveil which uses THREE Sets of art beads! I love it - I hope you do too.

I'm going to try to capture a few photographs with my second favourite lens, but it's not the same. I need my best friend back - I hope he's OK in Japan. I'm so sorry that I shouted at him when he didn't behave in the way that I wanted him too.

Dear Lens, please get better soon :-)

( PS: am I crazy?)


jafabrit said...

no, you are not crazy lol! When my camera broke and I didn't have one available for almost a month I felt TERRIBLE. I carry my camera everywhere and I felt naked and vulnerable without it.
Look forward to seeing some pics of those beads :)

Jean said...

I would love to see the photos too! I was just thinking about your photoshop comments--I can't even do that!!!

the art of curiosity said...

Hallelujah - I'm SO glad that it's not just me!

Corrine, thank you for reassuring me about my sanity:-)

the art of curiosity said...

I tried to coax some pictures out of Second Best, but he must have read my blog because he refused to give a crystal clear performance this afternoon.

I want my true love back :-(

As soon as I can coax something out of my bag of tricks, I'll show you what I've done with Emma Ralph's (2 sets) & Beverley Hicklin's beads. Will they ever forgive me?