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Thursday, 2 August 2007

More Postcards for the Annals!

Greetings from a chalky ridge somewhere in Hampshire - très dull! The island of Baltrum does not suffer from this problem - isn't it stunning?

The glass artist, Elke Szeklinski lives here and she has very kindly sent me some postcards. Zip over to the Postcardian blog where you can see her lovely postcards, two of which feature her delectable beads. You will also be able to check out my dodgy German - please accept my apologies for any mistakes.

I've also added another message of love & gratitude from me. I will NEVER forget the Postcardian experience!

As yet, I haven't found time to start work on the 'Annals of The Postcardian Quest' which is rather frustrating. Various workmen, aided & abetted by OMD, have moved into the central part of our house & they are pulling it apart. Add three children on their summer break from school & you've got a recipe for chaos in your hands.

When they're ready to rip up the floor, I'm going to lock up my Shack & study & head for the moor.

Man + hammer = stress! Man + pick axe = panic attacks!

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