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Monday, 6 August 2007

Introducing 'The Big Easy: Savannah'

May I introduce you to 'The Big Easy' bracelet. Why have I chosen this name? Because these are big babes with a big agenda - these are not your regular chain bracelet. No matter what you are wearing, put one of these on & you are DRESSED - you've got seemingly effortless Parisian shrug-off chic nailed! No one will miss the fact that you are a stylish force of nature - that you are creative & artistic right down to your bones. You are someone to pay attention to - 'The Big Easy' is your calling card. It's as simple as that!

I'm making a lot of claims about 'The Big Easy' but I can do so because of the sheer mass of compliments that these ladies have attracted. As soon as my rib allows me to pick up my jewellery kit again, I've already got two commissions to fulfil. My clients had a wonderful time looking through my bead trays!

Not only do I play with beautiful art beads, semi precious stones & my signature totem adornments, but I pay attention to space too. As any artist will tell you, negative space is an integral element in the composition of a work of art - in assembling The Big Easy' bracelets, my aim is to embrace this concept too.

'Savannah' features some of Beverley Hicklin's exotic, graphic beads from her 'Out of Africa' series. Two sets of beads by Emma Ralph are also on display - her flamboyant Flamenco Tabs and the hauntingly, beautiful Lunaris nuggets. These soft, luminous & ethereal beads shift colour & pattern in a glorious yet delicate interplay with light.

I hope you like 'The Big Easy' bracelets. Assembling them is a wonderful adventure for me :-)


Heather Powers said...

what a great mix of art beads Jennifer! wonderful design, I can image that it gets tons of compliments whenever they leave the house on your wrist.

Hope you feel better soon! Sending healing wishes your way.

the art of curiosity said...

Thank you very much Heather - thanks for stopping by :-)


Jean said...

This is SPECTACULAR!!!! love love love this!!! It is so gorgeous!

Romi said...

Gorgeous! Wow.

Hope that rib is healing well.

the art of curiosity said...

Thank you so much, she writes with a huge smile on her face!!

Jennifer xox

Anonymous said...

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jafabrit said...

Hope you get better soon. Love the bracelet, the colour and patterns on the beads are just lovely.

the art of curiosity said...

Thank you for your very kind words :-)