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Monday, 13 August 2007

The Nice Matters Award

My pal, the Rock CHICk gives me such lovely awards & I'm eternally grateful to her. There might be an ocean between me & Long Island, but what's a bit of sea amongst friends. We sit on our beds ( are you sat on your bed yet, Jean?) & write, read, draw & make jewellery. My bed is in a house on what passes for a high hill around here & from my panoramic view, I can look over the valley to the distant hills which lie to the south west. Jean lives somewhere over there (quite a bit over there actually) and I regularly salute her - I'm a respectful creature!

Incidentally I'd love to know how many jewellery designers assemble their jewellery on their beds? I can sit comfortably in amongst all the beads, bits, bobs & tools and s p r e a d myself out as much as I want. My dog doesn't trip over anything & no one gets spiked by my pliers.

I shall now quote Jean who quoted June's friend because June's friend nominated June & then June nominated Jean who sweetly nominated me & my nominations are coming in a minute including one for Candi who is in fact Jean. Is everybody with me?

"The Nice Matters Award is a friendship award. This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. I understand that I have to pass it on to 5 other nice bloggers......."

The following people are a delight to know:







Candi (Jean Yates) reviews! said...

Thank you Jennifer! I shall take great pleasure is receiving this award from you on my new blog!

I hope I am nice on it!!!


the art of curiosity said...

Your first review strikes the perfect key. Were it not for my injury, I'd read it again immediately - it is quite literally a side splitter :-)

I'm going to copy this on to your new blog - that's where the action should be!

Anonymous said...

What an honor! *Blushes* Thanks! It's good to know that being nice matters. Thanks for honoring me with this award. :)

the art of curiosity said...

Angela, you bring a lot of pleasure into the world so you thoroughly deserve this award :-)

b said...

When I made my daughter's bed the other day ( was caring for her children that day) I found an insole for a shoe and the clicker for the TV along with 7 pillows. Is that better than beads and a pair of pliers???


the art of curiosity said...

I think that stash of goodies deserves some kind of award ;-)